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You know of course that the only place you'll find perfection is in a seller's marketing literature?

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Coffee really does grow on trees - and in the majority of cases those trees are grown between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn (or the bit either side of the equator if you will).
Just like people there are different types of coffees. You will doubtless have heard all sorts of nonsense about "arabica good, robusta bad" like a cheap edition of Animal Farm.
Please ignore all that, there are coffees which you will like and other coffees which you won't. The rest is unimportant. Though hopefully we stock the former!
There is a wee bit of work to do between the tree and the cup you consume more about which you will find more here if you are interested,

but if you are looking for a steer as to what coffee you should try from our range then let's see if we can help here.
Why do we roast the beans? Well it's not because they've been naughty. No it's because until they are roasted the beverage which they would produce would be kinda tasteless. However the act of roasting doesn't just "turn on" the taste, it starts a continuum of flavour changes and eventually it can also contribute dramatically to the taste.
So, I hear you ask, "Is one roast better than another?". Sorry to say but "That depends..".
Flavour develops (just like the old wet photographic process as the image resolves with time) as the roast progressess but there does reach a point when the "roast" flavour starts being the dominant taste (just as you could over develop a film). That's not to say that the initial quality of coffee becomes unimportant (still on photographs think a holiday snap vs Ansell Adams?) just that the initial impression is not the "taste" of the coffee but instead a mixture of it and the roast.
Historically we have always roasted to a minimum level which we describe as "medium", however I have spoken to people who have described this as "too high". So everything is relative.
Mind you if you'd prefer to roast the coffee yourself then just ask.
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